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Regiment Rules
Characters belonging to the Armageddon Steel Legion receive the following advantages.

Characteristic Modifiers: +3 Agility, +3 Fellowship.

Starting Skills: Common Lore (Imperium), Deceive, Forbidden Lore (Orks), Linguistics (Low Gothic), Operate (Surface)

Staring Talents: Hatred (Orks), Heightened Senses (Hearing) or Paranoia or Unremarkable, Rapid Reload, Resistance (Fear)

Surefooted: Armageddon is a cramped urban wasteland frequently ravaged by war, and its people have grown
accustomed to moving efficiently through the wreckage of broken buildings and shattered streets. Rubble does not
count as Difficult Terrain for Armageddon Steel Legion characters, and when Running or Charging through a such
terrain, they take no penalty to Agility Tests to keep their feet.

Unused to the Open: The people of Armageddon spend their lives in the shadows of massive spires and the confines of
a place filled with structures and human habitation. Though this makes them experts at moving in the labyrinth of a hive,
it often leaves them disoriented when in the open or in other divergent environments. While outside of an enclosed or
artificial environment (such as a hive city, starship, or similar place), they suffer a –20 penalty to Navigate (Surface) Tests.

Wounds: Characters from this regiment begin play with –1 starting Wounds.

Standard Regimental Kit: 1 M36 lasgun and four charge packs per Player Character, 1 knife per Player Character, 1 toxicenvironment trenchcoat per Player Character, 1 Armageddon rebreather per Player Character, three frag grenades per Player
Character, three krak grenades, uniform per Player Character, 1 set of field gear (rucksack, mess kit and water canteen, blanket
and sleep bag, set of basic tools, rechargeable lamp pack, grooming kit, set of ident tags, Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting
Primer, 4 weeks’ rations) per Player Character, and a single Chimera Armoured Fighting Vehicle per Squad.

Favoured Weapons: Grenade launcher, missile launcher.

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More than a simple armoured personnel carrier, the Chimera is both a transport vehicle and light tank, and its dependable
frame and universal design forms the backbone of the Imperial Guard’s armoured might.
The Chimera is designed to transport a full squad of Guardsmen into the thick of the fighting, whilst still providing support in the form of heavy firepower. The Chimera’s heavily armoured front makes it ideal for head-on assaults where lines of Chimeras can form an exceptionally effective spearhead, backed up by the infantry within them.
The Chimera’s success is also down to its versatility. More vehicles are based upon the Chimera design than any other,
from command tanks like the Salamander to self-propelled artillery like the Medusa. Even the basic Chimera itself has many
variants, and its modular turret and hull mounts can be adapted to a number of different weapon configurations to ensure a level of tactical flexibility not normally achievable with other Guard vehicles. The Chimera’s adaptability is such that many other
organisations, such as the Inquisition and the Adeptus Arbites, also employ the vehicle, making it one of the most ubiquitous
designs in the galaxy.
Type: Tracked Vehicle Tactical Speed: 15 m
Cruising Speed: 70 kph Manoeuvrability: +0
Structural Integrity: 35 Size: Massive
Armour: Front 30, Side 22, Rear 16
Vehicle Traits: Amphibious, Enclosed, Rugged, Tracked Vehicle
Crew: 1 Commander (Turret), 1 Driver, 1 Gunner (Hull Weapon)
Carrying Capacity: 12 Imperial Guardsmen plus wargear
Turret-mounted weapon (choose one of the following):
• Multi-laser (150m; –/–/5; 2d10+10 E; Pen 2; Clip 100; Reload 2 Full; Reliable)
• Heavy Bolter (150m; –/–/6; 1D10+8 X; Pen 5; Clip 60; Reload Full; Tearing)
• Heavy Flamer (30m; S/–/–; 1d10+5 E; Pen 4; Clip 20; Reload 2 Full; Flame, Spray)
• Autocannon (300m; S/3/–; 3d10+8 I; Pen 6; Clip 40; Reload 2 Full; Reliable)
Hull-mounted weapon (choose one of the following):
• Heavy Bolter (Front Facing; 150m; –/–/6; 1D10+8 X; Pen 5; Clip 60; Reload Full; Tearing)
• Heavy Flamer (Front Facing; 30m; S/–/–; 1d10+5 E; Pen 4; Clip 20; Reload 2 Full; Flame, Spray)
The Chimera may take one Pintle-mounted weapon mounted atop the turret (choose one of the following):
• Heavy Stubber (100m; –/–/8; 1d10+4 I; Pen 3; Clip80; Reload 2 Full)
• Storm Bolter (90m; S/2/4; 1d10+5 X; Pen 4; Clip 60;Reload Full; Storm, Tearing)

DungeonMaster Ranadan
01.06.2019 22:12

Small and lightly built, the Sentinel is mostly employed as a reconnaissance walker, ranging far ahead of the main advance
in order to find areas where the enemy is concentrated the most or to launch ambushes upon the enemy’s own forward elements.
They also make excellent close support weapon platforms, especially in tight quarters where their exceptional mobility and
capacity to move and fire heavy weapons comes into its own. Sentinels have very little armour, and most variants leave
their single pilot exposed to the elements. This makes them illsuited to drawn-out conflicts or front line action. Sentinel pilots
often have to be very careful about the targets they choose, and learn to value their small walker’s quick ground speeds.
Variants with enclosed cockpits and even heavy armour do exist, but these are rarely used for reconnaissance roles. Sentinels can be equipped with a wide variety of weapon systems that give Guard commanders a decent amount of options as to what types of targets they want their Sentinel squadrons to attack. The multi-laser is the most frequently used, but long-ranged autocannons and powerful lascannons are also quite common. There are even some specialist designs, such as the Elysian Drop Sentinel, that make use of very powerful weapons such as the multi-melta, a weapon not usually seen outside of the heaviest Imperial Guard Armoured Companies. This level of tactical ability, along with their capacity for traversing more terrain types than heavier vehicles, makes the Sentinel a valuable asset to the Imperial Guard and gives Guard commanders a higher level of strategic flexibility.
Type: Walker Tactical Speed: 10 m
Cruising Speed: 45 kph Manoeuvrability: +10
Structural Integrity: 20 Size: Enormous
Armour: Front 25, Side 15, Rear 15
Vehicle Traits: Enhanced Motive Systems, Open-Topped,
Crew: 1 Driver
Carrying Capacity: None
One weapon chosen from the following:
• Multi-laser (150m; –/–/5; 2d10+10 E; Pen 2; Clip 100; Reload 2 Full; Reliable)
• Heavy Flamer (30m; S/–/–; 1d10+5 E; Pen 4; Clip 20; Reload 2 Full; Flame, Spray)
• Autocannon (300m; S/3/–; 3d10+8 I; Pen 6; Clip 40; Reload 2 Full; Reliable)
• Lascannon (300m; S/–/–; 5d10+10 E; Pen 10; Clip 30;Reload 2 Full; Proven [3])
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DungeonMaster Ranadan
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Standard regimental kit:
One relequary per squad.
Знамя святого Ридика, который своей отвагой и способностями показал, чего стоит человек. Ни хищные растения, ни старые развалины в джунглях не стали преградой для этого парня. Не будучи катачанцем, он прорубал себе дорогу через хищные растения джунглей, через старые развалины, и даже когда его после пытала инквизиция, он не пикнул. Посещение руин времен первой войны строго запрещено. Протоколом инквизиции зафиксирована чистота тела и отсутствие скверны, что могло сказать лишь об одном: Ридика хранил сам Император. Звание святого присвоено посмертно.

+10 willpower tests
squad grants Unshaeable Faith Talent
Вам нужно выбрать, кто будет таскать знамя
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DungeonMaster Ranadan
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Toxic-Resistant Trenchcoat
Each Guardsman of the Armageddon Steel Legions is equipped with a toxic-resistant trenchcoat, boots, and gloves. The
specially-treated gear protects a Guardsmen from the most polluted or chemically toxic environments.
A character protected by a toxic-resistant trenchcoat gains the Resistance (Poisons) Talent and reduces all Damage that
he would suffer from the effects of the Toxic Quality by 2 (to a minimum of 1).

Armageddon-pattern Rebreather
Designed to keep the wearer alive in even the most noxious atmosphere, the rebreather consists of a mask (often shaped
like a skull for senior officers) connected by hose to a small air supply.
A character wearing an Armageddon-pattern rebreather is immune to the effects of gases and issues of air quality,
and can even survive underwater at limited depths. The air canister lasts for two full hours before requiring replacement.

Мастерским произволом эти вещи получают AP 2 all и приравнивается к лайтовому флак плащу

DungeonMaster Ranadan
12.06.2019 00:08
41й полк Стального Легиона:

Полковое командование:
- Полковник Барри Грант - командующий полка
седой старик, которому давно пора на отдых.

Жрецы Оминиссии:
техножрец Игнатий.

Служба материального обеспечения:
Начальник службы - лейтенант Гарри Коуч. Подтянутый педант с хитрым взглядом(на складе без противогаза это особенно заметно). Легко соглашается на различные сделки с рядовыми и сержантами, но избегает подобного с офицерами и, упаси Император, с комиссариатом.

10 рот смешанного состава.

Ваша рота:
5-я рота.
Командир роты - лейтенант Кукурдинис Ригоди - темнокожий сухой мужчина средних лет.

адъютант - сержант Гари Винт
интендант - прапорщик Гоби Вини Понти
комиссар - Курт Рассел - молодой, перспективный, уставной
офицер связи - Боня Росси - молодая красотка, но солдаты отмечают полное отсутствие сисек. Важно: офицер легко сходится с солдатами и явно шарит в технике.

эскадрон механизированной разведки:
6 шагоходов типа "Сентинел"
- сержант Холт "Эхо" Штайлер
- напарник Отто "Майк" Кляйн

эскадрон тяжелой поддержки:
3 танка типа "Леман Русс" + 1 башня с плазмой
4 САУ типа "Василиск", модификация Армагеддон

1-й взвод- 44 человека + 20 левых
Сержант Штайлер
Сержант Курт Роммель являл собой довольно интересную личность: брутальный характер и жестокость сочетались в этом человеке с любовью к своим солдатам. За любое неповиновение он мог пристрелить, но при этом всегда стремился выбить поблажки для своих. Как правило, это выражалось в усиленном синтетическом рационе со вкусом мяса после мощного марш-броска, либо лишней пачки лхо на солдата. Сам среднего роста, сержант обладал широкими плечами, отчего напоминал небольшой шкаф - в общем, виду Курт был впечатляющего, как и его силовой меч, непонятно как ему доставшийся.

отделение тяжелой поддержки:
рядовой Штефан Альба
рядовой Вальтер Бэрк

5 химер:
1-я машина:
2-я машина:
- водитель Адельфрейд Хаасе
- рядовой Стефан Рурх
3-я машина:
4-я машина:
5-я машина:

рядовой Лирой Дженкинс
рядовой Джон Квин
рядовой Ральф Брэмвуд (снайпер)
рядовой Галус Ибрин
Лейтенант рядовой Поцус, 16 полк Стального легиона
+19 человек. Джон Кирк, ракетчик

псайкер Алисфиза `РУБИ` Рубинштейн
рядовой Мартин Хейст - контролирующий

псайкер Ноктус
штурмовик Виктор `ХОРЕК` Кревски
штурмовик Афанасий Солнцев
служитель Омниссии Рихард Зейман
сервитор № 11247 - альфа.
комиссар Валерия Присцилла

2-й взвод
отделение тяжелой поддержки
5 химер

3-й взвод
отделение тяжелой поддержки
5 химер
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