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ссылка гуглодиск с книжками на полистать

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Game Material
Primary Language: Original Affiliation (English if born mercenary)
Attribute Thresholds: SOC –1, EDG +1 (CHA –1 if born mercenary)
Bonus Skills: Bureaucracy/Mercenary +2,Protocol/Mercenary +1, Negotiation +1 (Scrounge +2 if born mercenary)
Bonus Traits: Well-Equipped, Rank (one level for every two Tour of Duty or Covert Ops Life Paths completed, or half the character’s Rank level prior to entering a Mercenary path, whichever is higher; +1 level if born mercenary)
Path Restrictions: Must choose at least one Mercenary Real Life Path before ending character creation. Born mercenaries must also choose Mercenary Brat for Stage 2, unless events in Stage 1 produce another path.

Mercenary affiliation only.
Akin to the army brat, born to a career military family and bounced around from base to base throughout his or her youth, the born mercenary lives much of his life traveling with a family that knows only warfare for profit, bereft of national identity and always near the firing lines.
Attribute Minimums: SOC 3
Attribute Thresholds: STR +1, RFL +1
Skills: Career/Soldier +2, Academic/Military History +1,Language/Any +1, Perception +1, Scrounge +1
Next Path: Adolescent Warfare (2), Back Woods (2), High School (2), Mercenary Brat (2), Military School (2), Preparatory School (2), Street (2)

Born Mercenary Brat Events
2 Family killed before your eyes. You haven’t been the same since. [Choose two: Addiction (2), Combat Paralysis or Madness/Flashbacks (3); may take no further military paths]
3 The enemy zeroed in on the dependents’ barracks as a diversionary tactic, and you still bear the scars. [Unattractive, choose two: Disabled (2), Glass Jaw, Lost Limb (2), Madness/Any (2), Slow Learner, Unlucky]
4 Orphaned by someone else’s war, you were adopted by another member of the outfit, but you never forgot your parents. [Quirk/Vow of Revenge (2), Enemy, Madness/Flashbacks]
5 While sampling some of the local flavor, you and your friends discovered the hard way that not everyone likes a merc. [Brawling +1, Running +1, Enemy, Introvert, choose one: Poor Hearing, Poor Vision, Timid or Unattractive]
6 Caught an alien virus while traveling with your family. [BOD –1, choose either Allergy, Disabled, Low Endurance or Thin-Skinned]
7 ‘Mechs sure aren’t that hard to drive in simulators! You took a short, disastrous joyride with over four million C-bills in your parents’ outfit’s hardware. Luckily, nobody was hurt. Miraculously, you survived the crash and your parents’ wrath! [Pilot/’Mech +1, Fast Talk +2, Bad Reputation, Clumsy]
8 Your parents’ mercenary force teetered on the edge of bankruptcy, and then went over. [+1 Scrounge, +1 Negotiation, Poorly Equipped, Poverty; next path may not be Preparatory School or Military School]
9 Spent more time in DropShips than in classrooms groundside. [Zero-G Operations +2, BOD –1, lose the Academic and Language skills picked up in this path]
10 You became a wiz ‘Mech jock—at least, that’s what the high score says. [Gunnery/Humanoid/Laser +1, Interest/Holovid Games +2, -1 to all Academic, Career and Language skills earned in this path]
11 A non-com watches over you while your folks are away and teaches you a few valuable skills. [Survival +1, First Aid +1, Navigation/Ground +1]
12 They kept you far from where the action was—safe, but boring! [+1 to any two skills gained in this path]
13 Your folks made sure you had a great tutor. [Contact, +1 to any three skills gained in this path]
14 A long stint of garrison duty gave you full exposure to a new culture and way of life. [Choose any non-Clan affiliation and add +2 to that affiliation’s primary Language, Protocol and Streetwise skills]
15 Your folks’ outfit had its own scouts program, taught by the resident veteran commando herself. [Contact, Survival +2, Martial Arts/Military +1, choose one: Blade +1, First Aid +2, or Pistols +1]
16 It was a banner year for your folks’ merc command. [Wealth (2), Well-Equipped]
17 Your father died in the line of duty, but he left you and mother enough for a life on Easy Street. [Proud Heritage, Wealth (3), Well-Equipped]
18 Family member dies and leaves you his ‘Mech. [Vehicle, Owns Vehicle, Wealth (2)]

19 Choose one event or roll twice and apply both results.
20 Choose two events or roll three times and apply each result.

Mercenary affiliation only. Characters becoming mercenaries later on during the character creation process must apply all relevant traits, skills and threshold modifiers granted by the Mercenary affiliation (p. 121) before their first Mercenary Tour of Duty if they have not done so already.
In the field, it takes more than a reputation and an ideology to win battles, and any good mercenary knows that. This Life Path separates the strong from the weak in the truest test of human endurance: the crucible of combat.
Time: 2 years
Traits: Vehicle (2) for MechWarrior, Aerospace Pilot, Aircraft Pilot, Cavalry and Armored Infantry-trained characters. All others take Well-Equipped.
Skills: Add +2 to any three skills from your military fields, Negotiate +1, Scrounge +1.

Previous Paths: Tour of Duty: Any (4), Covert Ops (4) (including faction-specific versions), Ne’er-Do-Well (4), any Military Academy Path (3), Adolescent Warfare (2), Mercenary Brat (2)
Next Path: Tour of Duty: Mercenary or Inner Sphere (4), Covert Ops (4), Ne'er-Do-Well (4), Travel (4)

Tour of Duty: Mercenary Events
2 Intelligence really dropped the ball this time; that “comm center” you just destroyed was a school, and your command just wound up on the MRBC’s most-wanted list. [Bad Reputation (3), Enemy (3), Stigma (2)/Bounty on Head, may only choose Tour of Duty: Pirate or Ne’er-Do-Well next, with a –2 to all event rolls while still “at large”]
3 Found guilty of contract breach, you are subjected to fines and a hiring ban. [Negotiation –2, Bad Reputation (3), Poverty (2), Enemy (3), add 1D6 years to the time spent in this path]
4 Your grandstanding in the field cost the command several good warriors! You’re lucky they didn’t shoot you on the spot! [Bad Reputation (2), Poverty, Enemy (2), next path must be Ne’er-Do-Well]
5 Open mouth, insert foot, and here are your walking papers. [Negotiation –2, Bad Reputation, Poverty, Enemy (2), add 1D6 years to the time spent in this path]
6 The fighting was fierce and a lot of your friends fell. Sometimes you can still hear their screams. Was it your fault? [+3 to any two Combat skills, Bad Reputation, Madness (2)/Flashbacks, choose Combat Paralysis or Dark Secret (3)]
7 Easy come, easy go. Unfortunately, not as much comes as goes. [Poverty, Poorly Equipped]
8 You still bear the scars from all that heavy fighting. [+2 to four Combat skills, Poorly Equipped, choose one: BOD –2, Addiction (2), Disabled (2), Lost Limb (2), Quirk (2) or Unattractive]
9 You and a lancemate had a “disagreement” while on leave, and he’s still holding a grudge. [Enemy]
10 Offered a job in another outfit. [If you choose to sign on, take Wealth, Promotion and Stigma/Unreliable. Otherwise, take Quirk/Reliable, Promotion, and Negotiation +2]
11 Garrison duty leaves you with plenty of chances to cruise the local scene. [Choose one: Gambling +2, Seduction +2 or Streetwise +2]
12 You fought in a major battle, risking life and limb, only to have some egocentric House regulars claim the victory! At least the pay was good. [+2 to any three military field skills, Wealth, Quirk/Distrust of House troops]
13 Standard objective raid. [+2 to any military field skill, Navigation/Ground +1, Perception +1, Wealth]
14 The mission might have been uneventful, but it sure paid well. [Wealth (2), Well-Equipped]
15 You saw some heavy action on and off the battlefield. This was one mission for the memoirs! [Seduction +3, +2 to any two military field skills, Wealth]
16 You didn’t have to stay, but stay you did. Word’s getting around and jobs won’t be far behind. [+2 to any two military field skills, Wealth (2), Good Reputation (2), choose one: Disabled, Unattractive or Addiction]
17 You’re good at this job, and you know it. [Negotiation +3, Leadership +2, +2 to any other skill, Wealth (2)]
18 Hello, salvage! [Choose: Wealth (4) and Well-Equipped (2), or Vehicle (4) and Owns Vehicle]

19 Choose one event or roll twice and apply both results.
20 Choose two events or roll three times and apply each result.

Mercenary or Bandit Kingdom Affiliation only.
Becoming a legitimate mercenary is hard enough; staying legitimate is even harder. Those who can’t play by the rules are considered to have “gone rogue,” wanted and often hunted by the MRBC or other authorities to stand trial for the crime of not living up to the standards.
Time: 3 years
Attribute Minimums: WIL 3
Traits: Bad Reputation, Enemy, Bloodmark
Skills: Scrounge +2, Survival +2, Escape Artist +1, +2 to any three military field skills

Previous Paths: Any Tour of Duty path
Next Path: Tour of Duty: Rogue Mercenary (4), Tour of Duty: Pirate (4), Ne’er Do Well (4)

Tour of Duty: Rogue Mercenary Events
2 The worst part about going rogue is being caught. [Interrogation +2, Add 1d6 years to time spent in this path, Unattractive, Glass Jaw, lose all Well Equipped and Wealth traits, next path must be Ne’er Do Well]
3 Those cowards said they’d follow you to hell and back, but did they? Of course not! [Combat Paralysis, Dark Secret, Madness/Paranoia]
4 Is it sabotage, or just bad luck? [Enemy (2), Perception +2, Survival +2, and Choose either Vehicle –1 and Gremlins, or Poorly Equipped and Unlucky]
5 Certain parties have taken an active interest in your operations and want to end them. [Enemy (2), BloodMark, Perception +2]
6 You’ll never get to be legitimate if you continue to ignore the rules of warfare. [Bad Reputation (2)]
7 You’re running from your employers not just because of contract breaches, but because of what you did to their kids. [Seduction +2, Fast Talk +2, Enemy (3), Dependent]
8 They don’t know why you went rogue, and you don’t want them to know either. [Dark Secret (3), Deception +2, Fast-Talk +1]
9 Your boys remained loyal to the last … even while you escaped with the spoils. [Wealth, Well Equipped, Quirk/Selfish, Choose either Dark Secret (2) or Bad Reputation (2)]
10 Pickings are slim for mercs wanted by the MRBC. [Poverty, Survival +2]
11 A good soldier is always in demand, no matter his methods. [+2 to any two military field skills]
12 That unsanctioned raid netted you supplies to last a while. [Well Equipped, Bloodmark, +2 to any two military field skills]
13 These profit margins are better than when you were legit. [Wealth, +1 to any four military field skills]
14 The noble doesn’t care about your rating, merely your effectiveness [Contact, Negotiation +2, +2 to any military field skill, +1 to any other skill]
15 The rock you were hiding under turned out to be someone’s hidden supply cache. Take it, or leave it? [If you take the treasure and run, take Wealth, Well Equipped, Owns Vehicle, Bloodmark (2) and Enemy (2). Otherwise, take Poverty, Contact (2), and Good Reputation (2)]
16 Certain parties have taken an active interest in your operations and want to help. [Contact (2), In For Life, Well Equipped, Scrounge +2, Perception +2, Intimidation +2]
17 The populace has nicknamed you “Robin of Port Krin” [Good Reputation (2), Well Connected]
18 To hell with being a rogue merc! You’re going to be a Bandit King! [Wealth (2), Well Equipped, Bad Reputation, Property (2), Quirk/Paranoid, Leadership +3, SOC +2]

19 Choose one event or roll twice and apply both results.
20 Choose two events or roll three times and apply each result.

Inner Sphere and Periphery Affiliations only.
You’re a mercenary among mercenaries. You’ve been in so many units you’ve lost count, and you like it like that. You don’t like staying with a single group for too long, and you have your reasons why.
Time: 2 years
Attribute Minimums: WIL 3, BOD 4, INT 4 EDG 5
Traits: Stigma/Unreliable (2), Brave, Vehicle, Impatient
Skills: Survival +3, Perception +2, +2 to any three military field skills

Previous Paths: Any Military path
Next Path: Tour of Duty: Rogue Mercenary (4), Tour of Duty: Mercenary (4), Tour of Duty: Inner Sphere (4), Tour of Duty: Freelance Mercenary (4), Ne’er Do Well (4), Travel (4)

Tour of Duty: Freelance Mercenary Events
2 That unit whose equipment you “salvaged” has come to take it back—with interest. [Escape Artist +2, +2 to any three combat skills, Bad Reputation, BloodMark (2), Disabled, Enemy (2), Lose all Wealth, Well Equipped, and Vehicle traits, next path must be Ne’er Do Well]
3 That last assignment left you a wreck. [+2 to any skill, Madness/Any, Choose two of the following: Combat Paralysis, Lost Limb (2), Glass Jaw. May take no further mercenary, pirate, or military paths]
4 You left a lot behind you that you’d rather not remember. [Dark Secret (3), Life Debt, +1 to any two skills]
5 You’re freelance because the units you stick with have a habit of getting destroyed. [Choose two: Bad Reputation (2), Dark Secret (2), Introvert, Unlucky]
6 The problem with being freelance is you have no safety net for the slow periods. [Poorly Equipped, Poverty]
7 You saw the double cross coming, but couldn’t prevent it from happening. [Enemy (2), Quirk/Paranoid, Introvert, Sixth Sense]
8 This contract wasn’t exactly easy. [+2 to any three combat skills, EDG –1, Choose either Disabled or Lost Limb]
9 You gained fame and fortune, but at what cost? [Lost Limb (3), Clumsy, Unattractive, Wealth (2), SOC +2, Promotion (2), +1 to any two military field skills]
10 You’ve picked up a few tricks this last go around. [+1 to any two skills]
11 You’re a better negotiator than your agent is. [Wealth, Negotiation +2]
12 That tour left you not only better off, but with a family as well. [Dependent, Well Equipped]
13 This raid was easier then they said it would be. [+1 to any two military field skills]
14 You hit the jackpot with this contract. [EDG +1, Wealth (2)]
15 You’re owed a lot of favors. [Contact, Well Connected]
16 This long-term contract was just too good to pass up. [In For Life, Wealth, Well Equipped (2), Negotiation +2, Fast Talk +1, add 2D6 years to this path]
17 Your reputation has attracted a circle of confidants. [Contact, Contact (2), Gregarious, Leadership +1, Negotiation +1]
18 Ace Darwin has nothing on you! [Fast Talk +2, Leadership +2, Gregarious, Owns Vehicle, Vehicle, Well-Connected]

19 Choose one event or roll twice and apply both results.
20 Choose two events or roll three times and apply each result.
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ссылка дискорд этого безобразия

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Базовые ставки наемников (в месяц, в с-кредитах)

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Общеизвестные системы Альянса внешних миров с действующими зарядными станциями:
- Альферац (Alpheratz)
- Севон (Sevon)
- Рамора (Ramora)
- Цербер (Cerberus)
- Лушанн (Lushann)
- Данте (Dante)
- Кантрен (Quantraine)
- Дорманден (Dormandaine)

DungeonMaster Inshal
22.08.2021 22:04
Экспа за Миссию 0 "Добро пожаловать на Цербер":
Обжектив миссии:
Разобраться в ситуации в порту и истории с лостехом. Войти в партнерство со старателями с "Мятежного Духа" и найти финансирование на экспедицию. Получить полезные контакты в порту Сааде.

Миссия (полный успех, средний челледж): 5
Кампания (предприняты шаги к достижению основных целей кампании): 5

Индивидуальная награда:

Алеит: 8
Always in character
Major subplot //передача координат Звездной Лиги герцогине фон Рейн// started
Minor subplot //интерес к координатам// resolved
Entertained the group

Бенита: 6
Always in character
Devised clever plan //девушка, которой среди ночи понадобились рыбные блюда от портового техника//
Minor subplot //поиск контактов снабженцев// started and resolved

Вито: 6
In character despite danger loss
Critical feat accomplished //открыл торг за условия партнерства//
Entertained the group

Лиам: 3
Usually in character
Minor subplot //акцентировал тему с координатами// started

Линь: 2
Usually in character

Мигель: 9
Always in character
Minor subplot //нанять повара и других полезных членов экипажа//свести знакомство с людьми, влиятельными в космопорте// started
and resolved (x2)
Devised clever plan //использовать своих личных помощников в общих целях//
Entertained the group

Сигил: 3
Always in character

Эшли: 8
Always in character
Major subplot //организовал партнерство с Дюбрелем и его ребятами// started
Critical feat accomplished //превратил встречу по покупке базы данных в обсуждение партнерства//
Entertained the group
Активная цель кампании:
- сделать Алеит фон Рейн полноправной наследницей герцогства и вывести на чистую воду ее гнусного дядюшку

Активные главные подсюжеты:
- продажа координат герцогине фон Рейн
- партнерство с Дюбрелем в разведке баз

Следующая миссия - "Найм на Анталлосе".

DungeonMaster Inshal
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Бонусные трейты за миссию 0 "Добро пожаловать на Цербер":

Мигель Сордона:
- Contact (1): Серджо Мейсон, хозяин "Вальгаллы" на Цербере
- Contact (1): Стино "Карнаухий" Мартинес, перекупщик запчастей и всего связанного с техникой на Цербере
- Contact (1): Сейджи и Хируна Ягари, торговцы оружием в космопорту Сааде на Цербере
- Contact (2): Чарли Тавей, у которого можно разжиться высокотехнологичным и/или нелегальным оборудованием на Цербере
- Well-Connected (Cerberus, Outworld Alliance/Criminal only)

Эшли Риот, Алеит фон Рейн:
- Contact (2): команда "Мятежного духа"

Вито Коппола:
- Contact (2): команда "Мятежного духа"
- Contact (1): Серджо Мейсон, хозяин "Вальгаллы" на Цербере

Бенита де ла Сомбра:
- Contact (1): Айзек Кальман, свободный торговец

DungeonMaster Inshal
28.08.2021 21:23
База СОЗЛ, откуда уносили ноги Дюбрель и Ко

- купола жизнеобеспечения
- приблизительное расположение установок залпового ракетного огня
- приблизительное расположение шахт ракет большого калибра
- ВПП или посадочная площадка (по записи неясно)


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