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Инжи [61]

СЛ -1 [-10], ИН +1 [20]
+2 к Ремонту (Космический корабль, группа связанных умений) [10], -2 к Драке [-4].
Герметичный [15], Стерильный метаболизм [1], Устойчивость (Повсеместный, метаболические опасности) [30]
Внимательный [-1].

Though their current home planetary systems are well documented, the true origins of the emotionless Engi are a mystery; it is known that the majority of their bodies are made from trillions of nanomachines, which give the illusion of a silvery 'skin' with a metallic sheen, and that they can adopt different shapes to better cope with their environment, although they generally maintain a humanoid form, which most other races are habitually more comfortable with. The Engi also wield powerful knowledge of machinery, and are generally natural mechanics - especially when they're only expected to service and repair comparatively primitive human technology. While the Engi are extremely intelligent, their primarily robotic body composition is very fragile. The delicate and very technical inner workings of an Engi are not nearly as rugged as regular organic material, like that found in humans. As a result, Engi usually make poor fighters; however, their immaculate knowledge of mechanics coupled with their immunity to most diseases as a result of their cybernetic bodies can make them excellent allies. The Engi still require oxygen to survive despite their mostly robotic makeup, however. The many scientific anomalies of the Engi have been points of contention between human scientists for years; they argue incessantly over whether the Engi are organic lifeforms by definition, or rather sentient machines. Most accept the notion, though, that they're simply a bridge between the two.

Мантис [90]

СЛ+2 [20], ЗД+1 [10]
БC+2.75 [25].
Обоюдорукость [5], Боевые рефлексы [15], Сопротивление повреждениям 4 (Невозможность одевать броню, Прочная кожа, -80%) [4], Природная атака 2 (рзед, Переменная сила, Точность 1 +10%) [22], Extra Legs (Четыре ноги) [5], Когти (Длинные когти) [11].
Кровожадность [-10], Безжалостный [-5], Хрупкий (Вопламеняемый) [-5], Неуклюжие руки [-5], Некомпетентность (Ремонт электроники) [-1], Гордость [-1].

The violent and hostile Mantis appear, to Humans anyway, to resemble man-sized Praying Mantises, although they are much more aggressive than their namesakes. Whereas praying mantises kill prey merely to survive, the much larger and more intelligent Mantis race kill remorselessly to suit their own personal agendas- usually without survival as a concern, making for a pitiless and brutal insectoid warrior species. While humans and most other species have manufactured handheld weaponry to utilize in combat, the Mantis usually default to their agility, and sharpened exoskeletal appendages to tear through their enemies, and their skill as warriors goes almost unchallenged in 1v1 combat even against the rock species. The Mantis also possess extremely acidic saliva which can burn through flesh and melt most metal alloys. While Mantis excel at combat, especially personal combat, they are the least adept of all the races at technical repairs. They have overcome this problem by frequently taking Engi slaves. Engi slaves can be found on a majority of their bases and ships. Though some individual Mantises have been known to work with the Galactic Federation, the race as a whole tends to be deceptive, opportunistic and untrustworthy, and can commonly be found piloting their signature style of well armed spacecraft, hunting down weaker enemies in pursuit of their belongings. Human children are told tales of their red ships, and of the Mantis invasion of Earth.
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Рокман [37]

СЛ+2 [18], ЛВ-1[-20], ЗД+2[20].
БС-1.25[-25], ЕЖ+3[5], МР+1.
Сопротивление повреждениям 5 (Невозможность надевать броню, -40%) [21], Высокий болевой порог [10], Устойчивость (Огонь) [10].
Кривоногий [-1], Консервативный [-1].

The Rockmen, as they have been nicknamed by humans, are called so because of their unique skin which according to scientific experiments can be nearly as hard and rugged as solid rock. Additionally, the Rockmen are extremely well conditioned and physically strong to compensate for their thick rock-like skin, giving them an astounding resilience. As a result of their physical attributes, the Rockmen have evolved throughout their race's existence into a warrior race which values personal strength and martial prowess over nearly everything else. While the Rockmen are generally not an adventurous race, and can only be consistently located within their own territories' borders, the Rockmen are liable to open fire on any ship they encounter that they aren't familiar with. Still, there are always exceptions to the rule, and having Rockmen crew can be very beneficial. Also, from random occurrences, some Rockmen seem to be quite religious.

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Золтанец [45]

СЛ-1 [-10], ИН+1 [20], ЗД-1 [-10].
ЕЖ-2[-4], Восп+1[5]
Энергетическая аура (Отсек, в котором находится золтанец, считается имеющим 1 Power Point) (Псионика, -10%) [9], Высвобождение энергии (После смерти взрывается, нанося урон в пределах отсека) [0], Устойчивость к ранениям (Однородный) [40], Стерильный метаболизм [1].
Альтруист [-5], Терпимый [-1].

With the majority of their bodies composed of pure, harnessable energy, the Zoltan are ambivalent towards the Galactic Federation. Whilst a deeply officious and obtuse people, they generally favour diplomacy over acts of aggression and are known for being fair and just in their dealings with others. Due to their alliance with the Engi, Zoltans often appear in Engi Homeworlds or the various Engi-Controlled Sectors of space, although they inhabit their own home systems as well. Being ingenious experts of technology, the Zoltan race pioneered a unique ship-based shielding technology which can be found on nearly every Zoltan vessel. These shields are very difficult to breach, however they cannot regenerate during a battle - unless a Shield Overcharger drone is deployed. Therefore, once they are impacted by enemy fire enough to deactivate them, Zoltan vessels must rely on conventional shielding systems. They and the Engi control many sectors, but they themselves are rarely seen outside them.

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Слаг [20]

Воля+1 [5], Восп+1 [5].
Талант к Телепатии 2 [10], Обнаружение (Разумные создания) (Псионика (Телепатия), Не может анализировать, -20%) [16].
Нет ног (Скользящий) [0], Жадность [-15], Шовинист [-1].

The xenophobic, leisurely Slugs are the third rarest race in the galaxy, behind the mythical Crystal and Lanius. Their home sectors are all engulfed in enormous nebulae, which lead to them evolving unique psychic abilities in order to overcome the general lack of visibility. As a result, Slug ships aren't built with sensors; the psychic powers of the crew are just as effective, if not more so, than any electronic system. This leaves them at a distinct disadvantage outside nebulae however, so that even within their sectors they are almost never seen outside the concealing clouds. While not as aggressive as the Rockmen or the Mantis, Slugs are both greedy and deceitful. They prey upon ships that wander into their home systems, often leading them into traps, as well as resort to piracy in other systems.

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Шаблоны рас выложены.
Они настоятельно рекомендуются к использованию. Хотя, некоторые ментальные недостатки необязательны, а лишь показывают типичный для расы склад ума.


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